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A Guide to Buying Coastal Furniture on the Gold Coast

Furniture is an essential part of any home. When it comes to coastal furniture, there's no better place to shop than on the Gold Coast. With a wide selection of furniture stores that offer everything from traditional to contemporary styles, you'll find the perfect pieces for your home. Plus, you'll be able to enjoy your new beach furniture all year round.

So, whether you're looking for a new couch, dining set, or bedroom suite, be sure to check out what the Gold Coast has to offer. Read these tips for buying coastal furniture on the Gold Coast, along with some coastal design principles to remember before you visit a shop. That way, you can purchase pieces that will transform your house into a serene seaside retreat.

3 Beach Furniture Buying Tips

1. Coastal is different from nautical.

The difference between coastal and nautical is the type of water they represent. Coastal designs are generally more colourful vibrant in design while still maintaining that traditional feel.

Moreover, the coastal design style is all about capturing that summer feeling. You'll find natural light shining through windows, soft colours on walls, and furniture covered with breezy fabrics mixed in layers of blue-tinged white. It's not just an exterior phenomenon, either. The interior aesthetic also relies heavily upon several features. These include earth tones, crisp whites, loose linen upholstery, layered blues, and jute textures.

2. White is key.

The coastal trend can be seen as a more minimalistic take on design. A white, crisp, and clean palette works well for those looking towards the natural beauty of beaches without all potential pollution. The neutral colors will allow light through so your space feels even airier too.

Note that you don't have to limit yourself in the design process. Though you'll still want your colors soft, you can accent with neutral colors. For instance, choose beige or khaki alongside light blues for an elegant Andean feel. Bright coral paired up alongside sky blue is also perfect for coastal flair reminiscent of coastlines.

3. You should opt for slip-covered furniture.

Casual, comfortable, and easy-to-live-with coastal furniture are all about balance. Natural materials are common, but too much can feel matchy-matchy.

To add some dimension without going overboard, go for covered sofas in light cotton. This will help you achieve an authentic look and maintain an airy feel.

The right combination will make your home feel inviting while still being stylishly modern.

3 Coastal Design Principles to Consider

When it comes to coastal design, the Gold Coast has some of the best furniture stores in Australia. Here are some of the principles you must consider when buying from a reputable coastal furniture store.

1. There should be plenty of light.

The essence of a coastal home is light. It needs to be abundant, bright, and airy with large inviting windows that offer expansive views while never feeling cramped or dimmed out.

The feeling of being inside a coastal home should be inviting and open. There should be no boundary between indoors and outdoors. Large windows with glass doors or skylights will help accomplish this goal. It will also make your interior designs more beautiful.

Minimal window treatments are critical. They won't compete against all those gorgeous natural light sources coming in from outside.

2. The coastal design incorporates natural elements.

Coastal design is all about making the most natural materials to create an inviting, easy vibe. This comes through in furniture like wicker and rattan as well as fabrics. Simple designs with no shine or metallics are common. It's more important that it feels organic rather than appears futuristic. 

The natural elements that define this type of design are everywhere, from wicker furniture and fabrics to rugs made out of Seagrass or Jute. Though wood can often be found here, too-it's whitewashed most likely. Your guests must feel at home. Most importantly, they should not worry about dirtying anything nearby with dirt carried over from outside.

3. Creating open spaces is encouraged.

The right design aesthetic can make your home feel like it's alive with colour and life. If you want to create a coastal design, one way to do this is through an open floor plan living space. This design idea prioritises light to not clutter anything else up while still creating the feeling that everything flows together beautifully around you.

The feeling you want to achieve in your home should be one where everything just flows. If there are items on the floor or furniture taking up space, it deters from this open-concept feel. Eliminate them for more minimalist vibes. Remove unnecessary pieces of furniture so there would be fewer distractions.

Looking to buy unique furniture and bespoke pieces that will make your home look like a beach cottage? Check out stores offering unique pieces and handcrafted items. So, whether you're searching for a new bed, dining tables, coffee tables, or any homewares with clean lines, you'll be able to find what you're looking for at one of these stores. Take your time, and don't forget to compare prices before making a purchase. Enjoy your shopping!

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