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4 Investments You Didn’t Think of But Could Work Today

Many people opt for trading as the best option to increase their financial worth, while others prefer to invest. With investments (financial vehicles), you are liable to benefit from economical situations like inflation, an increase in the value of assets, distributions, and so on. You might be sleeping (not working), but your money will be working and making more money for you. If you’re unsure of what to invest in, then this article is for you. We’ll be revealing four investments that you probably didn’t think would work today. But before then, let’s re-freshen our memory on financial vehicles.

What are financial vehicles?

A financial/market/investment vehicle is any type of investment that allows you to put money into assets and other financial entities. In other words, investment vehicles are more like assets offered by large investment companies or industries directed at helping investors in moving their money from the present day to the future. This is all aimed at the potential increase in the value of the investor’s money. 

When the word “investment” is mentioned, the common things that come to most people’s minds are buying a company’s stocks, bonds, funds, and so on. While all of these popular financial vehicles are great means of investment, there are others that you might not have even considered up till today.


This market first came up in 2009 when bitcoin was launched. However, it wasn’t till last few years that the market became a viable one. The cryptocurrency market is a very good place to invest one’s money. The major advantage here or basically what should be taken advantage of is the increase in the monetary value of some/most of these crypto coins. All that you need to do is to research a coin with a good history, that has achieved some sort of stability, i.e. people won’t just wake up one day and dump the coin. Some of the investments you can make in the cryptocurrency market include:

  1. Investing in cryptocurrencies

Investing in cryptocurrencies means purchasing a coin or different kinds of coins and holding it until the value increases. You can then sell off or even keep for a longer duration for anticipated future increase in value. Holding coin(s) can be long term or short term depending on your investment plans.

  1. Lending crypto assets

This is also a good form of investment as you will not only be gaining from interest but also gain when the value of the coin being loaned/borrowed increases. This is because the amount of cryptocurrency coin loaned is bound to be re-payed.

  1. One last way to invest in crypto is through funding cryptocurrency-linked investments. With this, you are sure to expect yearly returns which will be in the form of a crypto coin (which can also increase in value with time).

Real Estate

Investing in real estate involves purchasing, owning, managing, renting, and/or selling real estate to make a profit. Real estate refers to land and all the buildings on it including resources both natural or man-made, movable or immovable. Owning real estate is like owning a piece of land and having all other assets on the land as properties.

Investing in real estate starts by purchasing the estate after which you can do anything you want. Assets on real estate like land (together with all of its resources) and houses will generally appreciate with time. This means that, as all of these things increase in value, so does your money increase too. 

But not everyone will have enough money to purchase real estate, right? Therefore, a need for real estate financing vehicles. You can invest any amount of your choice in them with an assurance that you’ll get your money increased. The type of vehicle you invest in fully depends on the kind of real estate investment you want to make.

Fine Art

Artworks today are very expensive and sales have increased continuously over the last few years. Some years earlier, artworks/fine arts are known to be an investment for extremely wealthy people. But with art financial vehicles (companies that invest and keep artworks for anticipated future rise in their value), you can now invest in art with the little you have. 

The only issue with this kind of investment is that it might take up to years before artworks can be sold. So, if you are not really into a long-term investment, then this might not be suitable for you.

Retirement Accounts

This can be regarded as one of the best investments you can ever make, it is more or less like having an already set retirement plan for yourself backed up with the money. Investing in a retirement financial vehicle guarantees your after-job good life. It ensures that you are left with something to hold on to regardless of how good or how bad your work-life experience is/ends. There are many retirement vehicles available, and it is advisable to contribute to as many of them as you can for your retirement money to accumulate into something significant.

While investing in any of the above, remember to also invest in yourself, as this is very important. Financial vehicles go in and out of style as time goes on, the only thing that will not change is the knowledge and skills you have acquired or invested in yourself over the years. You can achieve this through getting a degree in a higher institution of learning, self-learning/education, orientations, seminars, and so on.

The Canadian Stock Market

This point is an extra tip for people interested in the stock market. The Canadian stock market is an investment stock exchange market-based in Canada. If you are an investor, you should endeavor to invest in this Canadian market as Canada has a huge economy including a stable monetary policy and offers many Canadian stocks with high dividend yield. Asides from this, the P/E ratio of the Canadian stock market is 38.12 which is very high and much better, compared to the normal average P/E ratio of 13 to 15.

Final thoughts 

While there are many financial vehicles to invest in (some offering long-term investments, others short-term), it is not advisable to invest your whole money in them all at once. Although these vehicles offer exciting investment opportunities and rewards, each one comes with its risks. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider investing your money (as that would be a very bad mistake). What these only mean is that you should consider and be fully aware of the risk(s) associated with any financial vehicle you want to invest in, and the best ways to manage those risks.

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